Washington, DC: Tel: +1 (202) 465-4814

Washington, DC: Tel: +1 (202) 465-4814

Immigration Law

Alvarez Martinez’s legal team has extensive academic credentials and broad experience, and provides high quality professional services in matters related to immigration law. We understand the impact of immigration issues on the lives of our clients and their relatives. Accordingly, we take this into account in the process of designing a strategy and in preparing and submitting all visa applications and petitions.

We are proud of consistently fulfilling our legal, fiduciary and ethical obligations towards our clients in a timely manner. Our commitment to fulfilling our obligations to our client is part of our firm’s philosophy and mission.

Immigration law is a highly complex and challenging area. Therefore, Alvarez Martinez always allocates a significant time to thoroughly studying, preparing, and reviewing each application, in order to identifying and address in advance any special areas of concern. During this process we are in close communication and coordination with our clients, so that the client can have a clear understanding of their specific situation and be able to make informed decisions.

We provide specific counsel on:

  • Nonimmigrant visas for: Visitors for Business and Pleasure (B-1/B-2), Students (F), Trainees (H-3), Specialty Occupation (H-1B), Intracompany Transferees (L), Extraordinary Ability (O-1A), Athletes and Group Entertainers (P-1), Treaty Traders/Investors (E-1/E-2), Visas for Fiancé (E)(S), and Victims of Crimes (U);
  • Immigrant visas for: Family Members; Persons of Extraordinarily Ability (E-B1), Multinational Executives and Managers (EB-1), Professionals Holding Advanced Degrees (EB-2), Professionals (E-B3), Special Immigrants – Employees of International Organizations (EB-4), and Investors (EB-5);
  • Labor Certifications;
  • Adjustments of Status (AOS);
  • Asylum; and
  • Citizenship and Naturalization.