Washington, DC: Tel: +1 (202) 465-4814

Washington, DC: Tel: +1 (202) 465-4814

Business and Human Rights

Alvarez Martinez has extensive international law experience, including on procedures before governmental agencies as well as regional and international court systems. The firm’s legal staff has experience monitoring human rights situations and conducting evaluations of compliance with international human rights obligations.

We aid States to foster business respect for human rights and achieve policy coherence. We provide specific counsel on:

  • Drafting National action plans on business and human rights (NAPs);
  • Conducting activities that identify pressing human rights and business issues;
  • Creating awareness on human rights and business issues within relevant ministries, departments, and agencies of the state, through workshops and training, among others; and
  • Guiding, planning and implementing consultations with relevant stakeholders, especially affected communities.

We guide companies to “know and show” that they do not infringe on human rights through their operations or business relationships. We provide specific counsel on:

  • Developing internal human rights policies;
  • Planning and conducting human rights impact assessments and due diligence efforts;
  • Developing stakeholder engagement plans;
  • Creating and implementing customized human rights compliance programs; and
  • Designing and establishing complaint mechanisms.

We help Stakeholders by:

  • Providing expertise on international human rights law to communities to improve human rights standards and increase accountability; and
  • Equipping stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to be able to engage effectively in consultations.

Additionally, we counsel clients on:

  • Participation in United Nations complaint dispute procedures; and
  • The negotiations process in this area.